Need Air Conditioning repair?


When the time comes for air conditioning maintenance or repair, bring your vehicle to us. We’ll fix it right, the first time.

You can picture it now. Your air conditioner needs to be repaired

You’re sitting in your car, it is late July and the heat is sweltering. The traffic is not moving. Sweat begins to pool on the back of your neck and drip from your nose onto your lap. Your vision is starting to get blurry from the perspiration that your eyebrows couldn’t block from your eyes. As your air freshener has begins to melt you finish the last drops of a left over water bottle. During this trying moment you may ask yourself: “Why haven’t I had my air conditioning fixed yet?” as your legs stick to your seat.

Don’t let this be you. We repair and replace any components of your automotive air conditioner, whether it is your evaporator, your condenser, your compressor, or any other part of the A/C mechanism, Cintech Automotive is here to help. We’ll make certain you are comfortable by providing you with the best automotive air conditioning repair and maintanence services in the entire region.


We don’t want you to suffer in the horrible heat so we offer all of our Air Conditioning repair work at a price that’s hard for anyone to beat. Whether it is just a recharge, or if it turns out that your entire air conditioning system needs to be replaced, we guarantee that it will be diagnosed, and fixed correctly.  Even though our rates are among the lowest in the industry, we understand that an A/C repair job is a costly one. So we offer 6 months no interest financing through our Napa care card. Don’t let this summer torture you, schedule an appointment with Cintech Automotive today.

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