Are wheel alignments really that important?


It just so happens that getting regular wheel alignments is probably one of the most beneficial things you can do to extend the life of your tires.

(Plus the feeling of your steering wheel being absolutely perfect is one of life’s simplest joys)

Can you feel your car pulling? wheel alignments Saint Charles

Making sure you have proper alignment is one of the most beneficial things you can do. This ensures you get the maximum available life out of your tires and wheels. Just because your wheels may appear to be properly aligned when you look at them, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are. We have a state of the art alignment machine that can tell exactly how your unique vehicle’s wheel alignment is off. Just a fraction of an inch off mark can cause major issues and headaches down the road.

Much like having your wheels rotated, ensuring your alignment is correct will allow you to get the most life and safety out of the tires you purchased. Your ball and socket joints naturally loosen over time. So when you add the additional wear and tear of misaligned wheels it greatly multiplies the abuse they take. Consequently you end up needing to replace them more frequently.

The reasons your wheels are misaligned vary. From potholes, to pulling into your driveway, every bump is gradually throwing your alignment off. Obviously, every vehicle varies, so we recommend you get your wheels aligned every second to third oil change. This depends heavily on the types of roads you normally travel on. However, If you feel as though your car is “pulling” in one direction or another, or if your vehicle feels as though it’s not handling as well as it was, call us. It may be time for an alignment. Schedule an appointment with Cintech Automotive today Our techs will make sure you leave with a perfect alignment.

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