Quality brake service and repair is our bread and butter. Don’t be surprised when you leave our shop with a smile on your face.


We make sure your brakes are safe every time we see your vehicle.

(But unlike some of those national chains and dealerships, we won’t try to sell you brake repairs before you need them)

Brake Services and Repair

Brakes are one of the only lines of defense preventing you from getting into a car accident. The fear of wrecking your car because of bad brake pads or rotors is one that can be felt when a technician informs a customer that their brakes need to be replaced. This is why we check your brakes during every oil change. And that’s with no extra cost to you. Your safety is the most important thing to us, and we dedicate extra time to every car to make sure that you are road safe.  When we discover issues with your brakes, our experienced technicians give you an honest, trustworthy assessment of the wear. They even estimate remaining time until they need to be replaced.

When it comes to brake service, let our family take care of yours. When you do business with Cintech Automotive, our priorities are with your and your family’s safety. Right behind that is ensuring that you get the best value for your money. We understand that sometimes your brakes need to be replaced at the worst time, so we offer 0% financing for 6 months. Schedule an appointment today and let us give you the peace of mind and confidence that only comes with the service that a locally owned shop can provide.

Cintech Automotive

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