Oil changes are the best chance we get to spot and prevent major issues down the road.


Our expert technicians see your oil change as an opportunity to make certain your vehicle is safe and prepared for the coming months.On top of that, we make sure that your fluids are topped off, and your tires have enough pressure.  Of course, that’s complimentary.

Cintech Oil Changes

Oil changes are probably the most contact you have with your auto shop. We know this. We also know that oil changes are the best chance we get to discover any issues with your vehicle before they become a problem. Cintech may have your vehicle for five extra minutes, but those five minutes are where our mature technicians really show their experience. Aside from performing the oil change, our techs perform a comprehensive review of your vehicle. We make note of any future repairs that may need to be addressed. We top off your windshield washer fluid, check the rest of your fluid levels, and fill your tires to their appropriate P.S.I. It’s really a no brainer, you should have all of your oil changes done at Cintech.

Whether you take synthetic or regular oil we will take excellent care of you. In fact, we are so committed to not only saving you money, but extending the life of your vehicle. We will rotate any tires you bought from us during every other oil change at absolutely no cost to you.

At Cintech, we greatly value our customers.Thank you for choosing a local family owned shop over a large national chain for your oil changes. We understand that you value the level of personal, compassionate and educated service we provide. Whenever you are due for your next oil change, please contact Cintech Automotive to schedule an appointment.

Cintech Automotive

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