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We understand the importance of staying safe on the road, and one of the first lines of defense against an accident is to make sure that your tires are still road-worthy. Our company philosophy is that a safe customer, is a repeat customer. This is why when you buy your tires from Cintech Automotive we guarantee free tire rotations for the entire life of your tires. If you think you may need new tires, here’s a handy checklist:

– Check your tire pressure.

A tire that is either over or under-inflated drastically reduces the life of the tire, and increases the risk of having an accident.

-Check tires for uneven wear and tear

When you check your tires, check the tread and sidewalls. If they haven’t worn evenly, or if there are cracks or bulges these are signs that your tires most likely need to be replaced.

– Inspect the depth of your tread

A simple way to check the depth of your tread is the tried and true “penny rule”. It’s very simple to inspect the depth of your tread by taking a regular US penny and wedging it into the tread. Make sure that Abe Lincoln’s portrait is upside down. If you can see the top of his head, your tread has worn too low and you need to replace your tires.

If you have failed any of these home tests, or if you would like a second opinion, stop by Cintech today for a free estimate. We guarantee you peace of mind,  and a great price.

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