Don’t know why your car is acting up?

Bring your vehicle to us and let our expert technicians diagnose any issues you may be experiencing.

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Have been with us for years, so if you are already one of our many excellent customers, we probably already know your name. More importantly we know your vehicle. In fact, if you are already a customer, we can almost guarantee that we have diagnosed and repaired a minor issue before it turned into a catastrophic failure, saving you the headache and heartache of a costly road-side breakdown… or worse.

Needless to say vehicle diagnostics are the unsung heroes in all of our lives. Without the voice of a talented, educated technician you vehicle has very few options on how to relay that something is amiss, and fewer yet on how to express whether the issue you’re experiencing is just a symptom of an underlying major issue.

If you bring your vehicle to Cintech Automotive for us to diagnose, we will go above and beyond to make sure that your issue is diagnosed correctly and fixed permanently the first time. Please schedule an appointment for us to diagnose any issues you’re experiencing. We’ll give you a written estimate and a month to make up your mind, If you decide to get the repairs done at Cintech we will not only honor the estimate, but refund the cost of the initial diagnoses.  We also understand that sometimes major car repairs can be a costly endeavor, but don’t worry, we offer special, no interest financing.

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